Hi SHE Fam! Happy Friday! Typically I like to keep it light on Fridays, however, there are times when I’m led to share what’s on my heart and that doesn’t always align with my free spirit Fridays. I have learned that people including myself have experienced hurt. Hurt includes scars from our childhood and recent hurt experienced in our adult life. I could go on for days sharing the different forms of hurt; however, we all know what sparked the agonizing feeling.

Last week I burned myself while taking food out of the oven (yes, I’m clumsy and accident prone). I’ve watched my scar go through the healing process. And although, it’s starting to fully heal, it’s still there and noticeable. Like most things, this scar reminded me of the wounds we experience from internal hurts and pains. Failed relationships, unresolved issues from our childhood and hurt from society are just a few pains that people experience. There is a process to healing and no set amount of time can relieve the pain or make the scar go away. However, unwavering trust in God, prayer and positive thoughts can make the healing process better than what you could ever imagine.

Forgetting our pain isn’t impossible but for many of us, it’s not common. We may not remember what we wore yesterday, but hurt from 10 years ago can easily be recollected. Rather we choose to forget or not is a choice but healing is necessary. Just like my scar will always be noticeable, your wounds will be as well. Address your hurt and don’t internalize. Allow God’s wisdom and strength to be your medication. Also, treat your wounds with love, positivity and remembrance of God’s grace. The thing that hurt you didn’t kill you but indeed made you stronger.

We will all experience hurt at some point in life. It’s not fun by any means but it is a part of your process and journey to be all that God designed you to be.

From my inspirational corner to  yours, happy Friday and BE GREAT!