It’s time for the Fall Festivals and Halloween Parties! Are you still wondering how you can be cute and creepy for Halloween?  One of my best friends just called me to help her find a costume for a last minute party. She wants to be cute and a little scary, but not too gory. After looking for costume ideas to send her, I thought I would help the ladies who are still looking forward to  Halloween this year.

Typically when you are getting ready for weekend fun, you match your outfit based on where you are going or your favorite shoe. Do the same on Halloween. Is this a family friendly event? Or are you naughty in the night life with your friends or boo? Whichever type of event it is, dress accordingly.

Heres A few SHE tips for this years Halloween….

Day and night…

beehalloween2 beehalloween

How to go from the Halloween Party with your Co-Workers to that Haute Halloween outing with your girls….Keep the same and add some swag. The first is for your office Halloween party or even a family friendly fall festival. The second is our favorite Beyonce (Go B). You could easily transition the cute bumble bee and achieve the look that Sasha Fierce is giving in this picture by removing the tights and head gear and adding some pointed toe pumps. You’ll own the bee hive and the costume party for the night.

Have Fun With It.

Girls just like to have fun! Even if you’re not big on Halloween, use the time to be cute, dress up and scare a few people. Below are a few costumes that are eye catching!



Kim Kardashian never ceases to amaze us with her eye for fashion. She owns every opportunity to dress up and didn’t leave us bored on Halloween attire. In the picture above, she rocks our favorite childhood SHE-RO’s with her Cat Woman, Wonder Woman and Little Red Riding Hood costumes.

You can get each of these looks by adding a little extra to some basic attire that you already own. Example….That Cat Woman costume can consisit of black leather leggings, a black leather jacket and the cutest mask you can find. If you can’t find a mask in the store…make your own with face paint and red lipstick!



Make it look easy…and be YOU!

I follow Marjorie Harvey (who I adore) and she posted a picture to Instagram on being her Alter Ego for Halloween. Brilliant idea! Step out of the house as the woman you are when you are in your most fabulous moments. You may be a teacher by day but a rock and roll artist at heart. Check Marjorie out below and applaud her efforts as she slays the classy “alter ego” look.

marjorieharvey marjorie2

In her Alter Ego picture, Marjorie is wearing a bombshell blonde wig and the cutest couture black fitted dress. She makes halloween a fashion holiday all while having fun.


Pay Homage

Halloween is the perfect holiday for you to be your favorite celebrity. Last year Queen Bey’ channeled her inner Janet Jackson while paying homage to the Rhythm Nation days, wearing the military all-black look that the “Miss You Much” singer made iconic in 1989. Perfectly matching Janet’s album cover and accompanying “Rhythm Nation” video, Mrs. Carter rocked a black blazer with coordinating metal-adorned black bottoms and a matching black baseball cap. Hands down our favorite celebrity 2014 Halloween costume! We are anxiously waiting for the weekend to arrive so that we can claim our favorite celeb halloween costume!


Halloween can be fun, fashionable, and memorable! It’s not too late to grab your costume and flaunt Saturday night away!

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween this year?