TGIF! We’ve gotten another work week behind us! It’s something about Friday’s that relax you. I mentioned in my post from last week, In The Blink Of An Eye, that I had been in a car accident. I’m doing better, however, I’ve spent most of this week at doctor appointments and therapy sessions. I was getting X-Ray’s done yesterday and in the effort to get the best view of my neck, the Radiologist asked me to adjust my posture while taking the X-Ray’s…and after every shot she said….good job, relax.

Of course this is a direct parallel to our everyday life. Work and our other obligations cause us to hold ourselves in a particular posture in the effort to get everything done. And whereas, that’s a part of life, we must be able to tell ourselves…good job and then relax.

Relaxing isn’t just about not worrying it’s both mental and physical. It starts with releasing all worries, enjoying the current moment and giving your body full comfort. Like anything else, there are consequences to not relaxing. Stress caused from exhaustion will eventually weigh in on your mental stability and physical well-being.

In addition to relaxing, accepting that you’ve done a good job stems from contentment. Rather it’s being content with the work that you do for your employer or the meals that you cooked for your family, be sure to always pat yourself on the back and say job well done. Often times we wait for other people to recognize our good efforts, and although we deserve it, we must also be able to acknowledge ourselves and be content knowing that we always give it our best.

Use this weekend to relax because you’ve done such a good job. Break your posture and allow your mind, body and spirit to bask in all that God has blessed you with.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed weekend.