I really didn’t realize the importance of going bare faced until I understood the depth of my self confidence issues. Now I don’t want you to read this and think that I was flouncing out of the house everyday with a beat face because that is not the case. I went out into the world without makeup all the time, but I didn’t feel good about it. I felt really self conscious and uncomfortable (to say the least).

Now that I have forced myself to embark on this journey of self love and discovery, I have gotten to a place where I can leave the house with my fresh face and actually feel beautiful. I love my bare skin and I am proud to show it. I still adore a beat face, but I also appreciate me in my simplest form.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of women completely done up with pounds of makeup, waist cinchers, extensions, the whole nine. It is so easy to forget that those women do not wake up like that! Don’t let Beyonce’ fool you boo! Therefore, if you are like me, you could easily find yourself placing unrealistic expectations on your appearance and start wondering why you don’t wake up looking like you hopped off an Essence cover.

That’s when things go severely downhill loves. My decision to stop comparing myself to other women was the healthiest decision I could have ever made. It opened my eyes up and allowed myself to really see and APPRECIATE my beauty for what it was. I started noticing features I never really paid attention to before because I was previously so focused on what features I would love to change. So shifting my focus to the features I love about myself started to build my self appreciation and changed my view of myself overall.

I am proud to be a bare faced beauty and to be honest, my decision to proudly go bare faced is quite convenient. It has not only improved my view of myself, but it also saves me a ton of time in the mornings before work, because I am incredibly comfortable with going to work without a drop of makeup on. In the past, I would have felt so horrid about that and would have chosen being late over going to work sans makeup. The other perk of going bare faced is  that my skin health has improved. Since I now enjoy rocking this fresh skin, I put my effort into improving the health and appearance of my skin. My skincare decisions are much more strategic so I am constantly washing my makeup brushes, changing my pillow cases, drinking water, and carefully selecting skin care products to suit my needs.

So yes, choosing to go bare faced is more than just simply not wearing makeup, it is a bold statement to yourself. You are choosing to appreciate how you are at your simplest state without all the glitter and fleekyness!


Do you enjoy going bare faced? We want to know.

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