As the mother of a toddler girl with an abundance of curly hair, I know the struggle of finding hairstyle ideas that will not only look cute but encourage growth as well.

This can be such a battle (especially when your child has fine and fragile hair like most young children do). I actually wrote a post previously discussing ways to care for your toddler’s hair. To learn more about it, be sure to  CLICK HERE and check out the post after looking over these current styling ideas.

Now that we’ve addressed how to properly care for your daughter’s hair, let’s figure out a few great and easy to do hairstyles for your toddler!





















You simply can’t beat the simple pig tail puff hairstyle. It’s definitely a go to look for my little girl because it’s adorable but also crazy quick to do. The majority of the time, we do this style after her previous due has gotten old or frizzy. This style gets even cuter when you add in fabulous hair bows l(like the gorgeous doll in the picture did). One thing to be mindful of with this style is that your child’s hair can become a bit tangled if the hair isn’t properly de-tangled so to avoid the drama of de-tangling a cranky toddler’s hair,  just try to do a gentle combing session once a day if she will be rocking her puffs on multiple days.



















Now this style may not have much longevity because most young children sleep like wild animals, but it’s so gorgeous that it’s worth the drama of restyling your kiddo’s hair the next day. My baby girl hasn’t gotten t to the point where she can wear her hair down because we’re still catching her length at the back up to the front. However,  for the kid who’s hair is similar in length, this would be an adorable and simple style to try. Twisting, braiding, or bantu knotting could be a great way to prepare your baby girl’s hair to be worn down. Simply set your child’s hair with a lightweight product and allow the twists, braids, or knots to dry. Take down and arrange the hair (Adding a great headband is the perfect touch).























I couldn’t be more in love with this glamorous side swept style. Simplicity is always key to me so a style like this is perfect. This look could easily be achieved by first moisturizing your child’s hair and securing the hair to the side by gently inserting bobby pins, hair combs, or any other tool of your choice. This style is a bit more glam so it would be great for the holidays or school pictures.

As you can see, there are a great deal of simple glam hairstyles for your toddler girl(s). These hairstyles are age appropriate and not too over the top. They still scream baby girl while showing off your toddler’s beauty. As I mentioned earlier in the post, be mindful of how you care for your daughter’s hair. Styles look infinitely better when the hair being styled is healthy.



We want to hear from you! Which hairstyles do you all do most often on your toddler’s hair?