Gone are the days when you had to pick a hairstyle and wear until it grew out or was safe to recolor.  We are living in BOLD HAIR TIMES.  More and more women are trying new styles and ditching them quickly once they decide it’s time to try something else.  Women are empowered and have become unapologetic about changing it up.  My best friend is known to wear braids one week, show her orange afro the next and then wear body wave extensions two weeks later.  Our very own SHEblogger, Christian, is very vocal about having hair ADD.  We are living it up when it comes to experimenting with our hair – fun hairstyles with no commitment. Because of innovation and creativity, we have been afforded this right of passage.

Here a few ways you can get a new look without committing to a hairstyle.


Rainbow Hair – Not Just for Halloween

Many have boldly worn rainbow hair and wore it proud.  Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Pink, Fantasia, and Jennifer Hudson have all gone there.  Guess what? You can have one of these fun hairstyles, too. You can easily wear a wig. There are creators who can whip up a wig so well, that when you wear it, that funky shade of purple will actually look like it grew from your head.  A quick search for the hashtag #wigmaker on Instagram and you will easily find someone to get you started.

fun hairstyles

Jennifer Hudson with purple hair

fun hairstyles

Raven Symone is notorious for rainbow hair











Subtle Color with Ombre

This trend is not leaving us anytime soon!  Many women are adding the fun by giving themselves subtle color with the ombre effect. If you want to try this look, but do not want to color your hair – extensions are an easy solution. They are inexpensive and it doesn’t matter if they do not match your hair perfectly. This look is meant to be imperfect.  Check out some of my faves here: 

fun hairstyles

Khloe Kardashian’s ombre doesn’t have to be permanent for you


fun hairstyles

Dascha Polanco, star of Orange is the New Black gives us gray to lavender ombre – nothing but fun!

Bang Bang!

I use to cut my bangs often, because I was actually married to that hairstyle.  Now I hold off on it. With a little research, I’ve discovered few clip-ins will give me the same look.  I have speculations on a few celebrities with fake bangs. But, they are rocking them so well (if they are actually faux bangs) at this point, who cares! The beauty of the clip-in is the “no commitment” part. Freedom!

fun hairstyles

First Lady Michelle Obama’s bangs – real or faux?

fun hairstyles

Carrie Underwood – added bang no commitment necessary
Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega

fun hairstyles

Kerri Washington – bangs this week and no bangs next week. You be the judge…


All of these styles are fun and in today’s world require zero commitment. They also require no apologies or explanations. Empower yourself today and give one a try.  If you wear it and then determine you are not feeling it, change it up tomorrow.  No one is going to think less of you.  As a matter of fact, they are going to think more of you because you have the confidence to try new styles.  Who knows? You may even inspire others to try new looks as well.

Have you tried one of these looks and it was permanent? Or did you go for the “no commitment” style?