Hi SHE Fam! I get excited about “Her Hair Stories” and discussing issues related to our hair. Each time I post regarding a topic of importance I further recognize how our hair is a major part of our identity. It’s true, our hairstyles define our expressions. Do you agree?

I believe that this has always been the case. However, as a child, you have less leverage to express yourself using hair as your outlet. At least that was the case when I was a child. My grandmother was on the conservative side, meaning that she believed that kids were to have hairstyles that framed the face of a child. I didn’t always agree with this and was often disappointed as a teenager when she would tell me that my desired look was “too grown” for me.

I was clueless as to why I could never wear the trendy styles, but in retrospect, I’m very appreciative of her wisdom because I completely understand now. Through Social Media or even a walk through the mall on Saturday afternoon, I’m often appalled at some of the outfits and hairstyles I see being worn by young girls. Now when I say young girls, I’m referencing ages 10-15. And although, it’s a bit more difficult to depict the ages of the girls in the mall, I have a general idea through levels of maturity around the ages of these young girls. At the same time, I have family and friends with younger girls, and I see a bit of a trend even through them regarding their hairstyles. The overall consensus is that hairstyles are a tad bit too grown for their age.

I’m stepping out on a limb with this topic for two reasons. The first being that I’m not a parent, so I can’t relate to the boundaries that need to be set regarding hair and age. Second, I understand that as times change, so does trends.

What classifies as an appropriate hairstyle for a young girl? Braids, a single ponytail or even curly hair depending on their hair texture. A perfect example of a young girl who keeps an age appropriate hairstyle is Quvenzhane Wallis. Outside of her character as Annie, she always looks her age (11 years old). President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama does a wonderful job of maintaining age appropriate hairstyles for teenage daughters, Sasha and Malia.

On the other hand, an inappropriate hairstyle is any style that ages a girl, causing her to look drastically older than she really is. It’s up to the parent to determine what’s appropriate, however, there should be parameters and guidelines.

I find this to be a relevant topic because of my belief that it’s important for a child to remain a child for as long as possible. This is not to imply the idea of keeping them in a box or not allowing them to grow and express themselves. However, this is the gesture of keeping them in a childs place. Also, by looking that much more mature due to a grown up hairstyle, it’s easy to send mixed messages to the opposite sex. There are too many times where you have grown men approaching younger girls because they appear to be older than they really are. A younger girl shouldn’t have to be put in any situation that could potentially harm her or impair her judgment.

I recognize that there are other factors to consider when thinking about what makes a young girl look too grown, however hairstyles do play a signficant role. A part of being a whole, healthy, and happy woman is being able to look at the process in which you have evolved. Looking at the transformation of your appearance from childhood, through your teenage years and even your early adult years help you to see growth and subsequently builds your esteem. It’s no harm in young girls being trendy or fashionable, it’s just important to maintain the innocent face framed by an appropriate hairstyle.

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We want to hear from you. What would you classify as an age appropriate hairstyle for a young girl?