Friends with Controversy

Erica Campbell of the Grammy winning duo, Mary Mary (Tina is the other half, also her sister), is no stranger to controversy.  She and her sister have been on the minds of bloggers and gospel critics since the beginninig of their career. When they came out with Shackles (Praise You), I knew they were my kind of gospel group.

Help 2.0

Last year Erica decided to strike out on her own and put out a solo Gospel album in which she has received many high accolades.  She’s been known to be criticized for her attire, music beats and even her life (this is because she and her sister have a popular TV show on weTV also called Mary Mary).  It was no surprise when she re-released her album Help 2.0 with the added track – I Luh God, that controversy would ensue. When I first heard it, it caught me off guard, but soon became a song that I enjoyed.

I Luh God

Fast forward to June 10th, Wednesday of this week when she released a music video to go along with the secular sounding Gospel song – well…yeah it pushed the limits.  It has a trap music (just learned a new term: Gospel Trap), hip-hop kind of feel, yet light and fun. However the most important aspects to the video were the looks.


We Love the Looks

The first look of the video is Erica as we always see Erica – urban chic with a wig or weave of some sort.  The hair she chose for  the opening scene was a strong blonde ombre, and the length was almost to her waist. In this scene it was pulled back. It was a typical look for her. With the blue background and her white top and bottom, she looked sort of angelic. She was getting us ready to go on the ride of I Luh God.

I Luh God

I Luh God..

Suddenly as the music was cranking up, we were given a glimpse of “Dope Erica” – highlighted curls, shades and nudes lips.  Uh oh… She was prepared to bring it! That short glimpse was only letting us know that when this song began to unroll, so would she.

I Luh God

I’m so FLY and so DOPE and I luh God!

The song was well on to its bumping and jumping.  She sang and rapped the lyrics just as we’d been hearing them while having fun with her new friend, rapper, Big Shizz. He made you “Luh” God, didn’t he? Now, her look changes a tad bit when she lets her hair down and begins to rap with him, “I Luh God. Do you luh God? What’s wrong witchu?” I loved her whole outfit.

I Luh God

What’s wrong witchu?

When the beat drops, we meet Erica’s “Selfie” character, and I love her.  How fun could it have been to just go over board with more ombre hair, a statement hat and glamour cat eye glasses?  And did you catch the fact that her hair had blue tips? YASSSS, Erica you can reach us where we are!


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.27.19 AM

#SELFIE check!


She knows all about the “no commitment hair“, because the next thing we see is “Dope Erica” straight kickin’ it with her frends and loving all up on God.  Can I get in on this party? And let’s just talk about her crew.  Somebody either rocking box braids, a bun, curls or straight hair. Everybody getting turnt up for the Lord! So, let me just say – #SquadGoals

I Luh God

Getting Turnt up for the Lord!


I Luh God



Where’s Tina?

You thought she had a new quad and sister Tina would be nowhere to be found, but there she was in fun pair of urban glasses and box braids telling us how much she loved God, too.  In case you were wondering, their sister, Goo, is their stylist.  She puts it down when it comes to keeping these ladies conservative, but dope at the same time.

I Luh God

I Luh God, too.

This video looked fun, and the looks from each scene did not disappoint.  Plus, Erica and Tina are my favorite “hair sisters” next to the Braxtons.  Neither of the two groups are afraid to change it up on us.

Do you think Erica and Tina cross line when it comes to how they push God’s word? What did you think about I Luh God? Is it too secular sounding or should we be more concerned that they are reaching people and spreading the word?

If you have not seen the video, Enjoy I Luh God: here.