Good Morning! The phrase “don’t worry be happy” is one that speaks volume. It means the most but like anything that stretches us it can be the hardest. Worrying has a way of taking a thought way too far and eventually allowing that thought to invade our peace of mind. And whereas, it’s easy to say don’t worry be happy, it really is hard to put that into action.

Why worry?
What makes you worry and why? Let’s get to the root of it, many of us worry about things we either have control over or no control over at all. If it’s something that you have control over, stop worrying and think through what you can do to make the changes. Before you start developing a plan, cast your cares to God and seek Him for the guidance needed. Let’s take finances. That’s one of the major pressure points. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, ask God for what you need. Think about all of the positives and work your way to a point (through prayer) that you can rid your desire for excess. If this doesn’t change your perspective, think about it like this…what will worrying get you?

If it’s something that you can’t change that’s even more reason why you shouldn’t worry at all. I’ve posted previously on our desire to change situations and people. The serenity prayer tells us to ask God for peace, courage and wisdom. I’ve found peace in knowing that when I can’t change something…I have a God that can. Every battle isn’t for you to fight and certainly not for you to worry about.

What do you mean.. be happy?

Be happy (period). I recognize that happiness is based on what’s happening so it’s not always about being happy, however, it sure does make life more enjoyable. Think back at your happiest moments…what made you happy? If the things that made you happy are good for you then put yourself in a place to consistently experience the pleasure.

Don’t worry, be happy is about releasing your problems and finding your peace. Joy and peace are the foundation of happiness. To complete today’s post I won’t just wish you happiness or even a blessed day…I’ll pray for you.

Lord, thank you for this day. I ask that you bless the woman reading this by releasing all of her doubts and worries. Instill in her the comfort within you and give her peace and joy so that she can know what happiness looks like. Bless her God on this day and every day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

From my inspirational corner to yours, don’t worry be happy.


Remember, when someone is referring to YOU, that makes you HER, so make it important for HER to be GREAT because SHE is EVERYTHING