Hello SHE Family!

I recently had the opportunity to try out a hairstyle I posted about in my Trending Hair Styles for Fall 2014. If you missed it, you can take a quick read here. When I first saw this style, I immediately fell in love with it! I told someone that it reminded me of a beautiful natural twist out! I thought that it would somewhat be a good way to determine if I should move forward with going natural. Although, I don’t anticipate my future twist-outs to be this perfect, I decided that if I loved this style there would be a high chance I’d love using it on my own hair in the future.

Crochet braids have definitely changed. I wore them as a child with the fully braided synthetic hair. Now, they have evolved into beautiful curly (and sometimes straight) styles, using Marley hair. A young lady by the name of Alex installed them for me. There are two ways to roll the hair. You can pre-roll it (the method we used) or you can roll in once the hair is installed.

If you are going natural from short hair, this is a great option! I was concerned about what I would do with the back of my hair that hadn’t really grown long enough to braid. The great thing about these crochet braids is that you don’t necessarily have to have your hair long enough that it will braid down to the nape of your neck. My natural hair is braided down and stops probably approximately 3 inches before you reach the nape of the neck. I just make sure that I keep the area that isn’t long enough to be braided moisturized.

I also love how versatile the style is! If braided properly, you can change the sides of your part. Also, if you have long hair, and your natural hair is braided to the nape of your neck, you can pull it up and wear it in a bun or pin it all to one side. I tried a few styles I would have loved had my hair been long enough in the back. Also, there are many different types of curls that can be worn with this style.

The only thing I will honestly say I do not like is the matting. However, it’s that same matting that gives it the natural look I love. The style is very easy to manage. For the most part, I simply put on a satin bonnet before bed at night, wake up, puff out/shape my curls and go. At times, some of the curls may fall and I will cut them in order to keep the curls in the shape/style I want. Also, after the bonnet has been on for so long, it somewhat “shrinks” the curls, so, you can opt for a shorter looking style by not pulling the curls down once the bonnet is removed.

Overall, I am proud to say that my forecast for fall styles was correct. I definitely listed the styles I would actually try, hence me having the crochet braids. I believe it’s safe to say that I will be trying these again very soon. This time, I used a smaller curl, I’m looking forward to trying bigger curls for the next installation! Check out my crochet braids below:




We want to hear from you! Have you ever tried crochet braids? What are your thoughts on how much this style has changed over the years? Finally, are there any additional pros/cons to this style that you’d like to share with us? Let’s chat!