Good Morning! Is it just me or do the clouds in the sky affect your mood? Clouds have a psychological way of making the average person feel melancholy. Clouds have the same affect that some of the negative aspects of our lives have on us. The negative aspects of our lives can range from the negative people in our space to the areas of our lives that seem to dwell on our energy.

Let’s think about weather for a second. When there are clouds we almost assume rain is in the forecast. There are times where we completely change our plans based on the clouds and idea of rain. This is because we don’t want to deal with the rain (and that’s completely understandable). The negative people and things in our lives impact us the same way that clouds do. We avoid them so that we’re not emotionally drenched.

You can only avoid clouds, negative people and things for so long. Just like you will eventually get caught in the rain, you will have to deal with the people and things that you don’t like. It’s inevitable, however, it can be done with a changed perspective. Instead of looking at the negative people and things as a challenge, look at your dealing with them as a planned way to exercise your strengths. For example, if you have an issue with a co-worker, don’t try so hard to avoid them. Attempt to deal with them in a way to not only get the job done, but make a conscious effort in bettering yourself through your kind actions.

This may seem far left to some and out of the question for others, but we know that through God all things are possible that glorify Him. Changing your perspective on the clouds in the sky starts with the understanding that we need rain. That same changed perspective helps you understand that you need the test that negative people and things bring to make you better, stronger and wiser.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have an awesome rest of the day!


Remember, when someone is referring to YOU, that makes you HER, so make it important for HER to be GREAT because SHE is EVERYTHING