I am always on the hunt for a product that will encourage Kenzie’s hair to grow longer and stronger while making it more manageable. I was so excited to see that the CD4Kids collection was on sale for $8.45 while doing my weekly run through of Target’s hair care section. I had been wanting to give these products a try so this was the perfect opportunity to give something a go while staying within my budget.

This collection includes the CD4kids shampoo, conditioner and a leave in detangling spray. The whole kit is geared towards encouraging softer, more manageable, and nourished hair. This collection of goodies steers clear of the ingredients all naturals now know to avoid. Hence, you won’t find any parabens, mineral oil, or petroleum. What you will find, however, is aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and lavender in its ingredient list.

What’s to love?

Well for starters, the containers of product are a decent size. I’m no stranger to paying $9.99 for bottles of product half the size of these so it was really nice to get such large containers at an affordable price point. The containers are also very easy to use and hold with slippery hands which is a major plus when you are dealing with a squirming impatient two year old.

As far as the actual product goes, I loved them all for a number of reasons. The shampoo was fabulous, I used a quarter sized amount on each half of Kenzie’s hair and the shampoo lathered up easily into a lush foam that easily slid throughout her hair. I also didn’t feel like her strands were dragging or catching on one another. The shampoo had so much slip that I almost considered detangling while it was in her hair. It was that great.

I became even more impressed with the conditioner. This product followed the shampoo so well and made Kenzie’s hair even more manageable and easy to comb. It really had a great amount of slip which is so important when detangling fine fragile hair. I easily combed through each section of Kenzie’s hair and was done washing and conditioning her hair before I knew it. Both of these products have very light fresh scents, nothing that would overwhelm or be irritating to a child (which is great).

After washing, conditioning, and lightly detangling, I was ready to thoroughly detangle Kenzie’s hair, so I used the spray detangling product just to give it a try. To be honest the shampoo and conditioner had worked so well, that this step was almost unnecessary. The detangler is great for trouble spots that may need a little extra coaxing and a little goes a long way.

All in all, I can really say this collection is a winner for us. Kenzie was much less tearful during wash day and I was able to get her hair clean, conditioned, and styled much faster than usual so this trio will definitely be part of our weekend hair wash day from now on.


Have you used the CD4Kids line on your child? How did you like it? We want to know.