Late last year, I decided to cut all of my natural hair off into a crazy taper cut fro. It was definitely pretty, but my decision to do it stemmed from sheer frustration. At that time, I was constantly finding new bald/thinning areas and my hair always seemed incredibly dry to the touch. None of the styles I attempted turned out as expected. They would either immediately frizz up after take down or just hang awkwardly around my face forcing me to push the failed twist or braid out up into a bun to salvage the mess in time for work.

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I was really fed up with it all. So when I started seeing some fabulous taper cuts on Pinterest, I kind of just hopped on the idea and then ran into the nearest barbershop to have my hair cut. I definitely experienced some regret after doing this because I made the decision too quickly if I am being honest with myself about it all.

Now that I look back though, I am happy that I big chopped again. I used to wonder if maybe I could have revived it or brought it back to a healthy state but truth be told, that hair was fried. It had been colored and colored incorrectly at that about three times. I think my hair even had some heat damage which it just never really seemed to bounce back from. So the ends were always dry, always frizzy. No matter how much deep conditioning or moisturizing I did. It almost seemed like the products would just sit on top of my hair without ever really soaking in to my hair shaft.

I just wasn’t happy with my curls anymore and that could seem like something so small to someone else but natural hair had honestly changed my life and opened me up to so many new experiences and opportunities. So seeing it lose it’s health and beauty was pretty awful to me.

Now that I have had my fun experimenting with color and had a few fun fades and cuts, I am ready to grow my curls out again. I have learned so much from my natural hair journey and now all of that knowledge is enabling me grow the healthiest head of hair that I have had in quite some time.

So I big chopped again so that I could have HEALTHY natural hair. I am pretty excited about the lengths that I will achieve but I am more excited about quality of hair that I will be growing. I understand how to better manage my Alopecia this time around and I also really get what type of products my hair really needs to flourish. So this time around, things are much simpler yet more strategic. I am definitely shying away from color. I don’t want any color in my hair at this point in time because my hair texture is very vulnerable to color and my curl pattern suffers.

I will definitely enjoy this new leg of my natural hair journey, that I know for sure, and each stage of the process is full of possibility and fun for me so I’m ready to see how my hair looks when it is actually healthy not just long.

Let’s grow together!


Have you recently big chopped? We want to know.

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