There are so many good beauty videos that come out during the week, but sometimes we may not have the time to watch them because we are busy with work, school, and everything else. Here’s a wrap up of few of my favorite beauty videos that you may have missed!


AshleyDBeauty shows us how to create the perfect blonde ombre from black hair. Blonde hair is super hard to achieve sometimes but she makes it look so easy in this video! I actually love this color on her!


Naptural85 gave us her take on the flower headband trend by showing us how to make one of your own! Naptural takes the most complex hairstyles and makes them look so effortless. I don’t know how I would look with a flower headband, but the style looks super cute on her.

VICKYLOGAN is back showing us how to cut face framing layers and a tutorial on the perfect fall makeup. I’m loving the new backdrop that she’s using for her videos! My favorite hairstyle of Vicky’s was her jet black, short cut but she can rock plenty of other cuts and colors, including this blonde! I’m loving this makeup too, it looks effortless.


Luhhsettyxo shows us her curly hair routine for short hair this week! I absolutely love her videos, and especially loved this one because in it’s curly state, our hair is around the same length. Although her curls are looser than mines, her routine is easy to follow and her videos are fun to watch.

CHLOE CORI: Chloe shows you five different back-to-school makeup looks! I’m not in school anymore, but these looks are even great for everyday work looks. For work and school, you want to make your face pop but you don’t want to necessarily have a “beat” face. I especially love the purple eye look. Purple really brings out brown eyes!

What were some of your favorite beauty videos this week? Maybe I missed some myself! Let’s talk about it in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @IndiaWrites, YouTube at, and read my blog at!

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