A few months ago, I had a bloggers’ meet up at my local Sally’s along with @NaturallyEJHalo, to promote the Beautiful Textures and African Pride Hair Care lines. The meet up was great! I got the chance to hang out with some cool people and learn about the new products that Beautiful Textures and African Pride carry!

To top it all off, I was gifted a HUGE box with so many Beautiful Textures and African Pride goodies. I’ve used a lot of them already. There are a few I want to use and then there are some I don’t plan on using at all (giveaway, anyone?).

Here are the products I’ve tried already:

Moisture Butter: I’ve been using this product a lot to moisturize my hair in between washes (especially while my hair is in a puff). It does work, I don’t have any complaints about this product and it’s a great moisturizer! I don’t think it has the hold for me to use as a styler they way it says to use on the container. Maybe one day I’ll twist my hair with it. It’s almost comparable to the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Pudding.

Curl Definer Custard: I’ve used this product once for a wash-and-go. I don’t have too much to say about it because I did rush when I applied it. However, I can tell that it might be too light to act as a curl definer for my hair by itself. The product is just too thin for my thick hair; I usually need a gel for wash-and-gos,  but I would also like to revisit this product.

Curl Definer Mousse: I’ve used this product for a flexi rod set and I love how the curls came out. My mom loves to use this when she flexi rods her braids. The curls it leaves are soft and defined. Just make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry when you use it so that the curls can properly set. Since the product does moisturize your hair as well as define it, if your hair isn’t dry when you take out your flexi rods, it can create frizz.


Rapid Fire Deep Conditioner: I use this conditioner frequently, and I will say that it gets the job done! It leaves my hair softer and easier to detangle.

Shine And Silken Growth Oil: I use this frequently to seal my ends. It’s a nice oil that does add shine.

Edges To Ends Silkner: I have to say that I did not like this edge control at all. It left my edges white and didn’t lay them down for long, My hair curled up against it (even when I wrapped a scarf around them at night). However,  most edge controls don’t work for my hair. This is comparable to Olive Oil Edge Control.

Texture Manageability System: This is something I don’t plan on using but is a great product. It’s a system, comparable to a keratin treatment that keeps your hair straightened for 6 weeks without having to re-apply heat or damaging chemicals to your hair. I don’t ever straighten my own hair (when I do want straight hair, I opt for a sew-in or go to the hair salon) so I have no use for this. Would anyone be interested in a giveaway?

All in all, the Beautiful Textures line (from what I’ve tried) solely gets the job done. I don’t have too many bad things to say, but none of them really blow me out of the water. I’m not sure that I would make any of them a staple product (except for maybe the Curl Defining Mousse). I think it’s one of those lines meant for naturals with finer hair or hair with a slightly looser curl pattern (3c/4a)

Have you tried any of the Beautiful Texture products? Let me know how you like them? Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @IndiaWrites!