Do you struggle with under eye discoloration? Do you often wear makeup just so you can conceal the darkness and give your face that awake bright healthy look? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re just like me. I constantly battle under eye darkness and it can definitely be extremely irritating especially if it makes you feel self conscious on those days you don’t have the energy to beat your face.

Lately, I have been noticing a bit of an improvement in my under eye darkness and I can give credit to a few changes I made in my face care routine and the way I care for my skin. So let’s run through my battle plan for beating under eye darkness.

Drinking water has to be the biggest factor in the overall improvement of my under eye area. I definitely don’t drink as much water as I am supposed to consume daily. I probably get about 44 ounces of water in my body a day which is much better than the past when I would consume a couple sips in a day (if that). If you were to research how to get rid of dark under eye circles, drinking more water would be the first remedy on pretty much every list. That’s because when your body is dehydrated, the skin underneath your eyes becomes sunken and as a result it allow the blue veins right beneath them to show through more. When your skin is hydrated, it is more plump and therefore covers your blue green veins beneath much more effectively.

Being gentle with my under eye area was the next change I made. I realized that I was being pretty rough with this fragile area. I was being rough by using too much pressure when applying skin products, cleansing, etc. This goes back to my earlier point about this area being very thin. Therefore it bruises easily. So if you are using your strongest finger which is more than likely your index finger to apply facial creams or rubbing with a towel in this area to remove stubborn eye makeup then you are more than likely causing damage which shows up as darkness.

Instead of using that index finger, use your pinkie or ring finger to apply any products and try to use an eye makeup remover to take off your makeup instead of scrubbing back and forth with a harsh towel. Doing this also leads to premature under eye wrinkles so yeah, cut that out.

That leads me to my last change. COMPLETELY remove your eye makeup. Some days I would wonder why I resembled a raccoon by the eyes on some days more than others. I just figured I was having a bad skin day. I was actually seeing my left over mascara and eye liner under my eyes. I wasn’t using a cleanser that was effective at removing all traces of my makeup so I had a buildup that made my under eye area look much darker than it really was.

These three changes have really improved my under eye darkness issues and I am really enjoying my improvements.


Do you all experience under eye darkness? Share your tips. We want to hear from you.