back to school

Hi SHE Fam, Happy Monday! I was extremely blessed to see the back to school pictures that parents have posted of their little ones. I can remember the first day of school and how excited I was. I don’t have any children of my own, but I have the pleasure of being “TT Lyssa” to my nieces and nephews. I take great pride in watching them grow and being able to relate to situations that they experience.

When considering today’s youth and all that they face, it’s important, no matter what role you play in their lives, to pray for them and lend your love and support. It takes a village to raise children and it’s so very critical that we are influential in the decisions that they make, the leadership skills that they are developing and more than anything the sharing of God’s love.

We have all had to make choices and when looking back over your life, if you’re like me you can attest to not always making good decisions. Today’s youth face the same. By sharing your journey and being honest about consequences, you can very well save a child a bought lesson. Open yourself up to learn as much as you share to enable our youth in making the best decisions.

I get so excited to see my peers serve as leaders in their families, place of employment and in the community. I can remember some of them displaying leader like skills on the playground. I can also remember leaders within our school and community pouring into us with various programs and opportunities. Helping to develop our youth to serve as leaders is priceless and will impact their lives and well as yours.

All of the things we teach our youth should sum up to the importance of having a relationship with God. Teaching our youth at an early age to know and love God is so very important. This isn’t just taught by taking them to church (although that’s very important), it’s taught by how you live and what they see. If children don’t get the pleasure of watching your relationship with God, it will be hard for them to know just how good He is.

There are so many things to consider when thinking about the precious lives of our youth. And whereas, some of the circumstances in today’s society have brought about concern, we should find our strength in God knowing that He will see them through and build a strong village to love, encourage and support them.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed day!


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