Happy Wednesday! Do you ever find yourself going at full speed? Home life is busy, work is exhausting and your other obligations are piling up. This happens more times than none and no matter how you try to reprioritize it never seems to lighten up. I find myself going through this at least three times a year and each time I have to remind myself the mental and physical state that nonstop going will put me in.

When driving at full speed it increases the chances of an accident. This is the same when it comes to your world. When going at a fast rate, you create the risk of burning out and high stress levels. If you’re like me you constantly look at ways to reinvent your priority list. I’ve found that while this is helpful, we must always consider the spiritual ramifications around our fast paced life. Below are some thought provoking questions related to the rate in which you’re going?

  1. At the rate you’re going….do you still have time with God? We shouldn’t allow anything to stand in the way of our time with God. This is something we should be mindful of as we take on new things. Last Sunday, my Pastor posed the question around asking God before we do something. Ultimately, when you seek Him, He will guide and you give you the strength on the things He intends for you to do.
  2. At the rate you’re going…..have you considered the people that depend on you most? We go to work all day and we adjust ourselves to deal and accommodate perfect strangers. Do we do the same for our loved ones? Our spouse, children and immediate family get the real us and whereas, that’s great we should also be mindful to give them the best of us. Isn’t that the reason why we work?
  3. At the rate you’re going…will you remain healthy? Our mental and physical health must be considered when thinking about all of the things we do in a day. Even if you’re healthy, think about your schedule and if you’re making time to eat a balanced diet, taking vitamins, working out or even making doctor appointments for yourself. I say this often and live by it….it’s important to prioritize yourself. If you can’t be good to you, you won’t have the energy to do anything for others.

Our to-do list is comprised of much of what we have to do and less of what we want to do. Think through ways to change the load and seek God for guidance always.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed Wednesday.