Hi SHE Fam! Happy Monday! The weekend went fast and we’re right back at another work week. I wish each of you a positive, peaceful and productive week ahead. When thinking of a title for this post, I laughed. I knew that the initial reaction would cause people to think this was based on the topic of relationship statuses. And whereas, we won’t be touching on the literal sense of being engaged to someone, we will focus on what it means to be engaged and have healthy relationships.

This past weekend my friends came in town. It was so good to catch up and I enjoyed all of our much needed conversations. One of the things that I enjoyed most is that we were completely engaged in each other’s discussions around life. We take an active interest in each other’s wellbeing. That includes are physical and emotional state. We listen where we need to and interject only to lift each other.

Often times we take conversations with those that we love for granted. The same girls that I spent my weekend laughing, talking and crying with are friends that I’ve known for years. I have an appreciation for where we are now that I didn’t always have. This isn’t because I didn’t appreciate them at that time, it’s because I lacked the maturity to listen, learn and actually enjoy the moment. It’s these things that have the ability to enrich conversations and drive purpose in your relationships.

Being engaged in a conversation or moment is critical for our growth. Rather it’s catching up with your friends or participating in a meeting at work, it’s vital for you to focus and put all of your positive energy into the things that are most important.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed Monday.


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