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As soon as the water hit my hair, I began to feel the texture changing. My¬†matted mane (that I initially couldn’t de-tangle) quickly began transforming into thick and frizzy¬†little curls. Before I even saw the results, I remember getting a little excited. When I stepped out of the shower, the mirror revealed a completely different person. It was almost as if that shower represented so much more than a quick co-wash, it was confirmation that I made the right decision, it signified the rinsing away of the old me. I could no longer rely on my hair to validate my vanity; it was only me standing there, naked with a few inches of curly hair on my head. Something magical happened during¬†that moment … ¬†I grew up. My 1 year¬†Nappyversary¬†was on July 8th 2014 and I have yet to regret my decision to go natural. I was forced to see myself in a different light and feel completely comfortable yet vulnerable at the same time. There was no choice other than to be content in the skin I was¬†in without hiding behind my hair and I will never forget the experience. ¬†I know you’re probably reading this post thinking “All of this inner growth over some hair?” and to that question I give a proud and resounding¬†YES!

A few days post big chop

A few days post big chop

This was my milestone and defining moment but like¬†my good friend ( who I mentioned earlier) predicted, I did not receive overwhelming support from many people (friends and family included) when they saw me in person with my “new” look, I could have easily buckled under pressure (in fact, I almost did) but in the end, I had to remind myself that this was my life, my decision, and no one reserved the right to make me feel otherwise. I say this because after a couple months of being natural, I grew a little self-conscious so I had my sister cut my hair into a cute jazzy style and I began flat ironing regularly. It wasn’t long before I experienced severe heat damage and had to pretty much start over.

Cute cut but constant straightening caused heat damage and I had to start over.

Cute cut but constant straightening caused heat damage and I had to start over.

Now that it’s back, there’s not much you can say that will¬†persuade me to straighten my hair that often again because I made that decision for other people and quickly realized it was a huge mistake (too little too late). My transition eventually created a mini movement in my family as I take credit for my Mother, Aunt, and Little Sister all being fellow Naturalistas now! ūüėČ

Light Bulb Moment – (Cue¬†J.Cole’s “Crooked Smile”)¬†

Something special is happening here ladies … ¬†history is repeating itself and we are becoming more conscious¬†and less prone to conform to the stiff guidelines placed on us by society. More and more African American women are embracing their hair in it’s natural state and its so refreshing. Nevertheless, If you find yourself at a crossroad and are confused about whether or not you should join the natural hair community, take a ¬†second to first ask yourself who influenced the decision and if the answer is you, I say go for it! Know that it can and most likely will become frustrating at times but if you hang in there, You might just fall in love with the person you become. ūüôā

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