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We are truly enthused to continuously reach clients and potential clients of all ethnicities from all over the world! Our blog is definitely inspired by our Hair company www.SheenasHairEmporium.com and our Hair Salon in which are both located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Many people have asked us why we chose to create “just another blog”. To answer that question, We Figured why not create a community of our own to reach, teach and encourage women all over the world.

SHEblogs is a comprehensive blog that covers all things hair, fitness, a little bit of beauty, a chunk of Girl Power and a large sprinkle of daily inspiration from Her Inspirational Corner. You can be realistic with us, who doesn’t like to be cute and fabulous with plenty of knowledge all at the same time? Our goal is to convince You that “SHE is Everything” Yes, SHE is you! SHE can do anything too! Keep on going, do not give up!

SHEblogs aims to bridge the gap between the various areas of Black hair care while celebrating the versatility that women of color are fortunate enough to have. Always love on yourself and your assets including your hair while giving it a break and keeping it all healthy at the same time. Whether you need information on what to ask your hair stylist, how to take care of your hair in between salon visits, ways to keep your hair moisturized or if you just want to stop by to find out what the trendiest hairstyles are, then our doors are always open! We’ve committed to deliver up to date and insightful info on every topic listed above.

Real Women with real reviews and real point of views! We think it’s pretty cool that you guys get ideas, inspiration from a group of women of whom you can individually relate to and learn from. Come on, email us and let us know who YOUR favorite SHE Blogger is!

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