Hi SHE Fam! The old saying says, “good stylists are hard to come by” ….not anymore. Social media has absolutely changed the way we see stylist and how we find them. It was less than five years ago when the best way to find a hairstylist was word of mouth. And whereas, that still serves as the best marketing, social media is the fast growing channel for clients to find their stylist.

I’m a chronic client and live for having someone else maintain my hair. Although, I’m pretty good at managing my natural hair, I’ve recently been on the search to find someone to install my hair extensions. I’m in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so the talent isn’t shy, however, it’s important that I find someone who meets the criteria of slaying hair and meeting a certain standard of professionalism.

I’ve posted before on what to look for when considering a new stylist (see The New Stylist Checklist ). This post will not only add to my claim to fame on finding good hairstylist, it will also inform stylists what clients look for when on the search. I will also share my technique of finding stylists all while using social media.

Good work, professionalism and a brand. These are the qualities that I look for in a stylist. I find this even more important when considering someone to install my extensions. I’m not sure if I’m being extra critical because adding hair extensions is still new to me or if I’ve heard one too many horror stories. Good work is vital to any client. As a stylist, your work really is your brand. People will recommend you and rave on how you slay. Professionalism goes hand in hand with the work. Even if a stylist is good, if they lack professionalism, I’m more than likely not going to want to book an appointment with them. What is professionalism? Showing up on time, confirming appointments, and providing great customer service. This sets a stylist and someone who knows how to do hair a part. I’m not being partial because I’m a SHE Blogger, however, SHE The Salon is the best example of good work, professionalism and a brand. Many of my friends are clients of the stylist that work in the salon and give nothing but great feedback on each and every experience. One word comes to mind when referencing SHE The Salon and other salons that are known for the work that they do….consistency. Consistency is key when offering a service to clients.

Now that I’ve set the stage on the things to look for from a client’s perspective and what will hopefully serve as a refresher for stylists, I would love to share how I’ve started searching for stylists.

1. Instagram hashtags. Let’s use my current search…someone to do a sew-in. I use #dallassewins on Instagram. When using the hashtag as a search 2,986 posts come up. Many of the post include stylists showcasing their work or clients giving their testimonies. Other hashtags to consider are #dallashair and #dallasstylist. I’ve made this relevant for my search, but you can very well insert your city in the hashtag to find stylists in your area.
2. Styleseat. I absolutely love Styleseat as a way to get the details and pricing. Many of the stylists that you find on Instagram will either have a website, information on how to book or a link to their Styleseat page. By using the site, I can look for detail and book. Having an easy to way to get in touch with the stylist ties into the professionalism aspect that so many clients look for.

Using social media and websites in order to find your next stylists can very well save you time and money. And whereas, each individual has their own personal opinion about their experience when trying a stylist, your criteria and research will definitely serve a purpose, giving you awesome hair and the stylist’s major kudos.

With sass and class.


We want to hear from you. What measures do you take to find a stylist using social media? What criteria do you look for in a hair stylist?