Hola SHEfam! I hope all is well with you beauties. Today I wanted to highlight one of my most favorite hairstyles.

Whether natural, relaxed, rocking weave, etc., we all have those days where we just need a quick and chic way to wear our hair without having to waste too much energy.

What better way to do that than wearing a simple bun. The fun part is that there are so many awesome variations of this fun style that you could almost never get bored with it. I think the greatest pro of a simple bun is that it tucks those precious ends away from harm. When attempting to grow your hair out, the ends can be the main culprit for why length retention is suffering. When styled in a bun you can make those damage prone ends less likely to snap off.

I also really love that you can go two totally different directions with this style. A more demure chic bun can be just as versatile as an edgy and eye catching bun. It’s totally up to you! See below for some of the most gorgeous ways to rock a bun as there is literally a ton of ways to remix this hairstyle.



This has got to be one of my total favorites. The high braid bun has been showing up all over the place. I would definitely say it is currently trending along with braids. It’s a super simple way to pull your braids up when they may be getting in the way or when you just want a quick change up. Wearing braids down often can be a bit tough on the edges but (on the flip side) when you pull them up, you should be very careful not to pull them too tightly. I adore braided buns! Get it Solange!



This style is such a dope spin off of the top knot. It’s still simple but you can’t help but take a second look at her because it literally makes her features pop. As a huge fan of the top knot, I can’t help but love this beauty. The height of the bun is what really does it for me. I think this style would be great if you are attending a fashion show or some other event of that nature. It’s the perfect way to turn heads!



I seriously love it when I see someone execute this variation of the bun. Now this one takes a bit more effort but it’s such a showstopper that it’s worth the time you’ll spend perfectly positioning it to rest on your forehead. What I really like is how the bun is rotated to create this dope side profile! How great is that?!

As you can see, buns are more than a quick style you rock to the grocery store. They can adapt to any and every situation. I definitely think it is a staple style that you should give a try if you feel you have hit a wall in regards to styling your hair (especially considering the colder months approaching). I hope I managed to shed some light on the versatility of hair buns SHEfam!


– Christian

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on the different variations of the hair bun you love most!