Okay, so in part one of this post, we addressed two of the common culprits for decreased or total lack of hair growth. Reason one was excessive coloring and reason two was having the wrong hair care routine so check out part one to learn more about those by clicking HERE. Let’s keep this ball rolling with part two of 4 ways you have stunted your hair growth.


There is so much to talk about in this one category, but I don’t want to drag on and on. It’s all about understanding your health and its connection to your hair. For instance, some medications can have adverse effects on your hair. They can either slow the growth, speed it up, or cause your hair to fall out. You really have to be conscious of the side effects of medication and make sure you are keeping yourself  informed. It is also important to understand how proper nutrition and hydration impact your hair. If you are dehydrated the majority of the time and not taking in the proper nutrients, your body is simply not going to have what it needs in order to support your hair. It’s like a tree in the winter. When nutrients are no longer plentiful in the soil due to the cold and the climate is harsh, the tree sheds its leaves so it can survive. When the soil is rich in nutrients, the tree’s leaves begin to grow. Your hair is your body’s leaves. If your body is lacking in nutrients, your hair will have to go boo.

Harsh Styling

The last reason I run across on the regular is harsh styling practices. Just like health, this category encompasses multiple issues ranging from sleeping habits to styling tools. If your edges or nape are struggling and breaking, that could be directly related to how you sleep. So if you are laying your hair directly on a cotton pillow case at night, that could lead to excessive dryness which of course leads to breakage.

Now if you add harsh combing, excessive heat styling, over use of blow drying, etc., then you really have a recipe for disaster. Your hair can only take so much.

So instead of that cotton pillowcase, go for a satin one instead or be sure to sleep in a satin head scarf. If you like stretched hair, do a chunky twist out to stretch your curls instead of blow drying. If you love a good straightening and can’t let it go, then please make sure you are using a high quality iron and a powerful heat protectant. Also keep that iron below 400 because hair burns around 450 but that doesn’t mean that damage can’t occur at lower temperatures as well.

Whew, I had a great deal to share on this topic and I really hope that this has helped at least one of you because (as mentioned before), I get this question often and I know many women are struggling with their pursuit of length. My greatest advice to you at the end of the day is to focus on health first and foremost, the length will come.


What helps you to grow your hair? We want to know.

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