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The topic I speak on the most is hands down hair growth and how to maintain length. It’s definitely one of the things that everyone wants to figure out so they can grow the long luscious locks they see their natural hair idols rocking. The funny thing is that length retention and hair growth are very simple to achieve if you’re mindful of a few things. To be honest, once I chat with most women about hair growth, we end up pin pointing one or two things they are doing that is crippling their hair growth goals. That is why I have compiled a list of the 4 ways you have stunted your hair growth.

Too Much Color

This is one of the most common reasons I see. Hair color is damaging, it just is. The degree of damage determines the effects the color will have. When you color your hair, you are lifting the cuticle of your hair in order for the color to penetrate and alter your natural shade by removing pigment or adding pigment. Lifting your cuticle leads to frizz and can even make your hair harder to manage (due to snagging which would then lead to breakage if not handled correctly). Hair color becomes an even bigger issue when you start lifting multiple shades all at once. It is often too much for the hair to handle and can lead to excessive dryness and brittle hair. Dry hair breaks, simple as that. So if you are looking for length, color might not be your friend unless you are ready to consistently maintain the health of your hair in order to prevent breakage and damage.

Your care routine isn’t for you

A common misconception I encounter is women believing they must never use shampoo again now that they are natural. Co washing can be great and yes shampooing can lead to damage, just as co-washing excessively can lead to clogged pores and over conditioned hair. Both in excess are bad. There is nothing wrong with shampooing at least once or twice a month just to remove the product buildup that is coating your hair and scalp. Imagine, product buildup is soap scum and your scalp and hair is a shower door. After a while, the door gets so coated that you can’t see through it and it becomes yucky and gross.

So if you take some lotion and try to clean that soap scum, what will happen? Nothing, right. Well the same applies to your hair with product buildup and using conditioner to cleanse. It doesn’t work.

This is just one aspect of your hair care routine that might be off or need some tweaking but it is a reminder that what works for one may not work for all. So try things and evaluate how they are working and be open to change when change is needed.


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Is your hair growth at a stand still? We want to know.

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