Do you lust over those perfect braid outs all over your Instagram timeline? Do you wonder how they achieved those flawless results with all that gorgeous definition? Are you feeling like it’s not achievable?

Well it’s not anymore because we are about to share 4 tips for achieving a flawless braid out.

Braid out’s can be tricky, as you may already know because they are so many variations and factors involved that affect your end result. So we are going to address those situations with the following tips!

Tip #1

Does your hair style best when wet or dry? This simple question can make all the difference when you are attempting this style. If you are looking for fluffy wavy definition then you more than likely should style your hair while it is dry. If you are going for an extremely defined more crinkly look then braiding your hair while it is wet could be the answer. Styling wet hair ensures that you will get the most definition the majority of the time so if that is not what you are going for, then wait until your curlies dry.

Tip #2

Are you going for elongated waves? Well if that is the case, you not only need to wait for your hair to dry, but you may also need to blow your hair out to stretch it before hand. Blowing your hair out ensures that you have elongated your curls and your result will be a fluffier looser wave pattern than what you would get if you braided your hair while it was wet. Braiding while wet means that your hair will shrink while it is drying in the braids which is totally fine if that is the look you are going for.

If you’re not comfortable with blowing your hair out but you still want to elongate your curls, try doing a braid out on hair that has been previously styled with a twist out or something of that nature.

Tip #3

Choose your styling product wisely. Gel products are going to result in very defined braid outs that are full of lush crinkles. Using a leave in, styling butter or souffle will usually result in looser waves that are light and fluffy in appearance. You can even combine the two to really contour your results if you’re feeling fancy.

Tip #4

Do you want shape and volume? Braid outs can sometimes end up spacey or have gaps which makes your style look less lush and more thin. They can also leave you with spiky ends that are standing straight out. To alleviate the scalpy look, try using a pic to fluff your roots while you’re bent over for max volume. You can also lift your roots with your hands as well.

To avoid the not so cute ends, rod the end of each braid to simply curl them under or you can end roll a little more of the end to achieve a spiral effect.

Braid outs can be tough but the results are so gorgeous! Take these tips into the battle field with you next time and let us know how that style turns out.


Do you have any styling tricks? We want to know.

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