When you have a high quality wig, you dread the day when it starts to look shabby and loses its flair. Well dread that day no more because you can bring that wig back to life girl. I have been wearing wig units for quite some time so I have developed some good tricks when it comes to revamping a wig and giving it a second, third, and fourth chance at life. Let’s chat about 3 ways to revamp your wig.

A good wash

First things first, have you washed, conditioned, and re-styled your wig. If the question is no, do that now please and thank you. If your wig is made from quality human hair extensions, it needs the same care and concern that you would give to your real hair so treat it as such. It is important to be gentle in your washing and styling of the unit to avoid tangling and damage of course. You also should choose products that leave minimal buildup so the hair is not weighed down or gunky in appearance. The easiest way to wash my unit is to use my bathroom sink. I either work shampoo into the unit by hand or I fill the basin with soapy water and submerge the wig in there allowing it to soak a bit. I then rinse the unit, apply conditioner, and allow it to set before fully rinsing it out of the unit. At this point, you can either air dry the unit or blow dry it, that is totally up to you but if you blow dry, be sure to use a heat protectant.

Give it a trim

As I said in the earlier tip, wigs made of human hair extensions are pretty much just like your own hair so they need trims too once you’ve had them for awhile. Trimming those ends can reduce the frizziness and rattiness of the unit and breath new life into the wig. You may want to take things a step further and give the unit a whole new cut. If you have a long unit maybe take it up to shoulder length (which is totally on trend now). You can go even further and cut the unit into a stacked bob, if you’re feeling really adventurous.

Maybe add some color

It might be time for a total 180 depending on how feisty you’re feeling. Wigs give you the freedom to be totally bold with your style if you desire so why not try some color after wearing the wig’s natural color for some time. You could either wear some fabulous highlights or change the entire color of the unit depending on how you feel. It’s just important to remember that the wig could suffer some damage if the coloring process is not done correctly so be careful with the application and be sure to condition well so that the hair doesn’t dry out after coloring.


How do you revamp your wigs? We want to know.

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