The summer is one of my favorite times of year. I spend way more time outdoors at summer events or even catching some sun to get my natural golden tones popping (nothing wrong with a little black girl tanning). Even though summer makes my heart smile, I have to realize that just like winter, it can do a doozy on my hair if I’m not careful. The summer sun can be harsh if we’re not careful so let’s chat about 3 ways to get those curls summer ready!

Focus on moisture

That beautiful bright sun that is responsible for your bronzed skin and bubbly demeanor could also be just as responsible for your dry crispy curls. The way the sun evaporates water off of the concrete on a hot day is the same way it can evaporate the water present in your hair, leaving your hair dry and prone to breakage.

So during the warm summer months, try to gulp down a little bit more of the H2O so that your body is hydrated from the inside out and then do some conditioning to hydrate your curls from the and give it a fighting chance against the sun. You should also consider getting a trim because if your ends are already crispy to start, you can count on them taking a beating under the summer sun.

Curls like SPF too

Well not exactly the same SPF protection that slather on your body before a beach session but along the same lines. Try to use products that offer up some UV ray protection so that all the harmful summer rays aren’t soaking right in to your hair. These products can come in the form of finishing sprays or leave-ins but they are well worth the trip to the store.

Using products with UV ray protection will help to prevent your hair from lightening dramatically due to the sun exposure and protect your color if you’ve dyed your hair a color different from your natural shade. There’s nothing wrong with a few natural highlights from the sun but too much can definitely be an issue.

Dip your curls before taking a dip in the pool

Swimming pretty much goes hand in hand with summer but it can cause some serious problems if your hair isn’t quite ready for all that. When you swim in a pool with chlorine and you get in with dry hair. Your curls are going to soak all that harmful chlorine water right up. Think of your hair as a sponge. If it’s dry, it will soak up way more water but if it is already moistened or wet it can’t soak up much water so the effects of your balmy dip in the pool are drastically minimized!

Summer is all about having fun and really enjoying the outdoors so don’t let that be ruined by not preparing properly and protecting your hair and skin. So remember my quick tips and enjoy your summer curly girl.


How do you prepare for summer? We want to know.