Picking a natural hair stylist is no easy task and in fact, it can be downright frightening. This is especially true if you have had a bad experience with hair stylists in the past. Styling natural hair might not be everyone’s area of expertise and that is why I am sharing my 3 tips for picking a natural hair stylist.

Trusting your hair and it’s care to someone can be stressful and we have all heard the horror stories of stylists irrevocably damaging someone’s natural hair because they simply did not know what they were doing.

Be straight up

Get straight to the point with stylist. Just ask her if she feels comfortable styling natural hair. Sometimes we forget to ask the simplest of questions but often times getting straight to the point is best instead of beating around the bush. So when you ask this question, look to see if the stylist seems unsure or uncertain. If she says yes confidently, ask a few follow up questions like “What are your methods for heat styling?” You could even ask her to describe her process for washing, setting, and styling natural hair. These questions should give away a great deal of information and allow you to get a grasp on what the stylist is all about.

Ask around

If you have other girlfriends who are constantly raving about their stylist, then try them out. I mean why not? Sometimes, the best resources can be discovered through our friends and associates. You can also put feelers out online if you use sites like Instagram or Twitter. One thing to remember is that, just because that stylist can lay your friends hair doesn’t exactly mean that she will wow your socks off too. So once you get your friends recommendation, please revisit tip one and get to grilling her please.


A hairstylist could be legitimately awesome but she could use a technique that you just aren’t fond of and that could turn you completely off. That is why it is so important for you to communicate what you are and aren’t okay with. If you are totally not okay with someone “heat training” your hair, please speak up. Some women are cool with this so your stylist might think she is doing you a favor instead of ruining your natural hair loving life. If you’re totally opposed to products with silicones or phthalates then be sure to let the stylists Know before she whips out her favorite arsenal of goodies stocked full of silicone this and phthalate that. Give her a warning ya’ll!

It really comes down to following these 3 tips and being observant. Ladies,  do not ignore warning signs or feel like you can’t speak up. Now I’m not saying you should roll up in a salon all aggressive and ready to grill a stylist, but it is totally fine for you to ask a few questions before you hand your gorgeous head of carefully grown curls over okay?

Just remember to be straight up, ask around, and communicate most importantly and you should be well on your way to finding the stylist of your dreams.


Have you had issues with finding a natural hair stylist? We want to know.

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