Hi SHE Fam! It’s almost June and it’s time that we start talking about the summer heat that we are sure to experience soon. It seems like yesterday, my fellow SHE Bloggers and I were giving tips and advice on how to weatherize your hair and skin for the dry cold air. In a previous post, I shared tips on the wet & go flow that seems to serve as the go-to for many girls in the summer months (see Tips on Achieving Wet & Go Hair This Summer). In that same post, I shared my recommendations on using Virgin Indian Curly hair as the alternative to getting the curly look, without having to use tons of products (if you’re hair isn’t naturally curly). In addition to Virgin Indian Curly, Sheena’s Hair Emporium has other hair types that will put the summer hair frustrations at ease all while leaving you fabulous.

If you’re not already planning your install or unit (wig) creation, below are three reason why you may want to consider wearing extensions this summer.

1. Summer = Sweat
Where there is summer there is heat and where there is heat you can expect to sweat. Sweating during the times (while working out) when you intend to sweat is fine, but sweating as a part of your daily routine of getting out the car and walking into your office can be frustrating, especially as it relates to your hair. For me, it’s easy to sweat my fresh style out within three days. Hair extensions can definitely eliminate some of the stress of the sweats caused by summer heat.

2. Ease and Versatility
We know the ease of having hair extensions. I’ve had my Virgin Indian Body Wave for almost a month and maintaining it has been a cake walk compared to that of my own hair. When you’re not worrying about how to settle for looking decent it gives you room to play with various ways on how you want to wear your hair. I recommend changing the part, or adding length so that you can pull it up or wear it down. I know for sure that Virgin Indian Straight and Virgin Indian Body Wave gives you the flexibility to have it your way.

3. Get Sexy For the Summer
We’ve been in the gym all year long preparing for the summer. It’s proven that women feel sexier in the summer. The cute sun dresses and swim suits are reason enough to feel good, however, hair plays a major role in one’s appearance. Wearing extensions this summer will not only add on to your sexy, it will be easy to maintain the look no matter how hot it is.

I’m addicted to hair and after one short month, I’m already planning my next install. With summer soon to approach us, it’s time that you get into the bundles and visit Sheena’s Hair Emporium to determine what hair type and style works best for your summer plans.

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We want to hear from you. What hair type will you wear this summer? How does hair extensions help you in the summer months?