I think it is easy or even comforting for women to consider hiding their TWA’s until their fro’s have reached a certain length. So that is why I want to give you all 3 reasons why you shouldn’t hide your TWA.


You may want to hide your twa for a number of reasons. The top reason being insecurity more than likely. If you aren’t ready to admit it, I sure am. I can think back to previous big chops when I had a very short TWA and immediately recall that my TWA was covered up the majority of the time and when it was out, I was a bit confused about what to do with it. By covered up I mean I was wearing wigs, weaves, or braids. It just wasn’t out and about you know. I know now that the need to hide came from a deeply rooted insecurity with my overall appearance. You see, I was still learning what it really meant to embrace my facial features. So my TWA gave me nowhere to hide when I wasn’t digging my high forehead or when my skin wasn’t quite acne free.

Having hair gave me a false sense of comfort, it wasn’t helping me to achieve genuine confidence in myself. When I wore wigs and weave in general, I felt enhanced and comfort came from having that addition. I just needed something to frame my face and basically tone down my features. A shame if I do say so myself.

You see now I have gotten to a point where I no longer notice my high forehead or any other features that used to bother me. All I see for the most part is me and that started to happen when I stopped hiding my little TWA.

You Stand Out

Now this may seem uncomfortable for some, but what fun is there in blending in. Rocking a TWA automatically sets you apart from the crowd. It can even communicate personality traits about you without you even saying a word. I know the word brave gets used often when people talk to me about my short fro. Fearless is another one that I hear, I mean who wouldn’t want someone to describe them with such fabulous words?

You, in the Raw

Without hair to frame your face or braids to add length, you are pretty much forced to come face to face with you in the raw. When you wake up in the morning with a bare face and your TWA, you are really seeing YOU. That can be overwhelming but it’s so liberating and beautiful once you grow to love your true appearance.

It Changes You

Ever wonder why women with natural hair seem to be a bit more adventurous, or even a little more self assured. Well that could be because they’ve taken a leap that so many just aren’t willing to take. Cutting all of your hair off is huge. It can even be devastating. But when you finally look yourself in the eye and see your true beauty, you’ll develop a love (and maybe even a boldness) you’ve never experienced. Some experiences have the power to change us irrevocably for the better and I think cutting your hair and rocking a TWA is one of those life altering decisions.


How has wearing a TWA changed or helped you? We want to know.