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Summer time is such a blast and for so many reasons. There’s the memorable trips to the beach, sight seeing under the summer sun, outdoor eating on beautiful balmy evenings, I could go on and on. Summer pretty much rocks. However, there is a downside to summer though and that would have to be its effect on our skin. Summer can wreck your skin from head to toe if you let it. When you combine high temperatures with direct sun exposure, the result can be irritated sun burned skin or you could even end up with some major health concerns. The summer sun is no joke and that is why you have to check out my 3 fool proof ways to prep your skin for summer.

I know when you hear that, you imagine your mom slathering your face and shoulders with goopy thick sunscreen that leaves you looking like you rubbed a handful of crisco on your face and decided to go out in the world carefree. Ladies, I am happy to tell you that the process of protecting your skin in the summer has come along way from the crisco days.

Stay Hydrated

Anytime I talk about skin care, I always talk about water consumption because this is most definitely the most essential component to skincare year round. It becomes even more important in the summer when the weather is hot and our bodies are more prone to dehydration. Heat makes water evaporate so that concept directly applies to the moisture in our bodies when we are exposed to warm temperatures.

Our skin will definitely show the signs of dehydration and those signs can range from increased under eye darkness and under eye wrinkles and creasing due to the skin being less plump since it is depleted of water. So you can pretty much drink your way to wrinkle free skin.

Everything with SPF

Your skin care products most definitely have to include some sun protection. Without it you are walking out into the light of day open to the sun’s harmful rays. According to¬†excessive sun exposure¬†exposes us to ultra violet rays which can lead to several types of skin cancers and melanoma is also partially linked to sun exposure.

So that is why it is so important to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible. You can purchase foundations and moisturizers with SPF in them to increase your skin’s ability to block harmful rays.


No one wants to spend their summer hiding because they have annoying body acne or ended up with painful razor bump irritation. Incorporate a good exfoliating routine into your summer skin care regimen to reveal healthy glowing skin. Exfoliating effectively removes that top layer of dead dull skin cells and it is also a fabulous way to prep for hair removal. I always exfoliate before I shave to decrease my chances of ingrown hairs which can end up looking like acne.

So if you follow these 3 fool proof rules you should spend your summer glowing, healthy and looking incredibly radiant.


How do you prep your skin for summer? We want to know.